so excited. my first convention in april of next year where I will be setting up my artist stand. I am so stoked. This is amazing.

I figured that I now have a .com website thats up and running with a portfolio. I have my business cards.. there is no turning back only looking towards the future and if I want to succeed in this world of mine, I need to start selling at a convention level.

I am selling my wears at a comic convention which means I have to do some comic related art of comic heroes

Panda Numérique Designs will take the step and go to a con level and sell art.

but a lot goes into the planning of this.

I have to go get copies of my artwork printed and ready to be sold.

i have to make an ACTUAL physical portfolio with my artwork in it.

I also have to come up with a price of what to sell them at.

I have a banner that I am making thanks vista print for all the help so far. It will hang at my table to advertise myself.

I'm going to have a wired mesh thingy that will have my work on it that people can look at in hopes to buy something.

I will have a business card holder on the table as well as my stuffed red panda to keep me company.

this is going to be exciting!


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