heres to you kurt

when i started drawing kurt cobain,  I said it loks okay but as it took shape,  I said i am bored i dont wish to draw this anymore.  well I kept at it and I am liking what I see.  Kurt Cobains favorite animal was a bunny and a mouse.  I decided to go with the rodent family and turn him into a Mouse.  I also went off my wired figure that Ihave hanging in my room that I created when I was in highschool.  I turned that  wire figure idea into art.  The kurt Ilvoed was when he did acoustic stuff.  I created him with angels wings and of course a halo because it represents that he is now looking fdown upon us and performing his music as a gardian angel to all who will listen.  He said it best from unplugged " where to bad folkes go when they die, they dont go to heaven where the angels fly.  go to the lake of fire and fry,.  see them again untill the fourth of july".


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