2017 and new art

Did this for an art trade. It came out well. His name is zero. He is into jujitsu. The story he told me made me tear up a bit.

He started jujitsu when he was only 6 years old. His uncle was by him the whole entire way and helped him train. He told me 8 months ago his uncle died. He is now 18. So what I did with this piece of work was take his jiu jitsu outfit that he wore which is blue topaz. He is a black belt. I put the ying yang in the background which represents at peace. In the front is a ghost figure of his uncle still helping him train. This represents that it is okay. He will be with you allways helping you train no matter where you are in life. Your both at peace with one another.

I teared up a bit when I gave it to him.

In my heart I did a good deed.

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