Old into new

 I redesigned my business card after taking a look at my old one more carefully. After getting criticism in a lot of critique on the original, a king to my decision that my newly created logo does not match my business card so I went ahead and we did my business card did match my logo but kept it simple to what you see here. The one on the left is my old business card that looks like the metro card you would swipe to enter into the subway system. The one on the right is my new business card. I still kept the urban theme but it now matches my logo which represents a New York City metro subway Sun period on the back it has white subway tile with the accent of bringing the black from the front to the back side. I kept the plain and simple with Three Links website Facebook and email. I also included my cell phone number down at the bottom. Note I did not include my name on there because just like an urban artist, which are graffiti artists, they write in tag other her walls well I do that with my business card I just go ahead take a sharpie or pen and I hand write my name in like graffiti art. It's Unique and it's different and they get straight to the point

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