Learning iOS woes

You would think that learning a new system would be our lot easier than you would imagine that of course it comes with a lot of complications because it is not that easy.

I came from owning a Samsung tab a 10.1 to a Apple iPad Pro 10.5 which to me is like a mind blowing experience.

Now I used to own Apple in the past so you would think that I would know what I'm doing.

Once I open the box and set everything up,  I was prepared to go. It took me a while to figure out the layout and download all of the applications that I needed.

The one application that took me by surprise was the application I use it to all of my work in, sketch book pro.

I found out that the iOS version compared to the android version is a lot different. The one on android is behind a few versions while the one on iOS is he had a few versions which sort of resembles their version for the PC and Mac which I used very briefly.

Trying to process where all of the paintbrushes, pens, pencils etc. relocated was a pain in the butt.   It took me an hour no scratch that. It took me half a day no scratch that tooo.  It took me a couple days to find where my brushes that I'm so used to locate it and the layout of the program.

Once I got into the program and when I sort of got used to using it,  I was able to create my first piece of art.

It is now been over five days since I've had this tablet and I'm still learning new things every day. The thing that's going to be hard is trying to use the Apple Pencil because the reason I do digital art is for health reasons because the longer I draw, the more pain I get in my hands. Especially the hand that I used to draw with.  Now when I Rall digitally, I don't put as much pressure on to the tablet to get the same affects that I would if I did pen and paper.

So far, it has been going well but I am noticing that I am still pressing down hard and I draw which is not good for my hand. So yes I am still working through the pain by using salon Poss icy hot to numb the pain as I draw.  I would've gone back to Samsung  only if it wasn't for the fact that every Samsung device I've had since the note 7 has been bad.  I mean I would like to go back to a Samsung but I don't know if I can trust them anymore.

As my progress progresses, I will keep you guys posted.

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