here is my badges that I created for the Convention this September. I may make 2 more but I think we have enough. The number is uneaven so I want to have an even 15 or so. IDK. 2 more would fix that.

The badges are of a British and Dr Who themed. I also tossed in some Furry badges as well.

the first batch is dr who sonic screw driver themed badges. I also included one with keep calm. It was appropriate.

the one below that is a Dalek. Note how I designed it. The front is the Dalek itself and on the back is the inner workings of how it runs :)

The one below that is a British telephone booth. I made it so that you can open it up and it reads london calling :).

and the last batch is badges based upon my furryness. 2 are smaller versions of prints you can purchase at the event, one was a tshirt design and the other is a Punk Rock Dog PUNK ROCK WOLF WOLF OI!

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