Nerdy Cat Creations

As you may know, I talk about other artists that I meet at different events, conventions and meet ups that I attend. This one is one of those such meets.

I met Nerdy Cat Creations at The Washington County Comic Con this past weekend and I was taken away.

The room that the venders were in was quite small. I saw alot of interesting artists that were set up at the event but as I rounded the corner, I ran into Nerdy Cat Creations. Her table was HUGE as in she sold alot of different works of art.

It was when I walked over to the table that I noticed her work of Hercule Poroit.

That to me was OMG, Hercule. I didn't know anyone else knew of this series. That broke into a conversation about Mystery shows we liked and a series she was creating on Detectives.

I didnt buy anything at first but I continued my way around and I came back to her. I had to buy it.

I also bought her first digital work of Broomhilda OH yes my fav series from Looney Toons. It was from Whats up Doc Opera.

Her work is absolutly amazing. Now she just doesnt do just art but she also has alot of other things to offer including hairbows ect all hand made.

you can pay her a visit online

and yes she does take commisions!

She is an up and coming artist :)

she is going to go places

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