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for those of you who know me, I do illustrations and graphic design. You also may of caught me at a few conventions. well I will now be doing Photography and Videos with a friend of mine professionally as a business on the side. SO def check it out!

As you may of noticed, there is a new section added to my website. That is the temporary home of all the videos and photographs from the events that I have done. There will be a new website coming soon for all the fun stuff related to the video and photography side COMING soon!!!

dont fret, my graphic design and illustration isn't going anywhere. It will still be here as I am working hard on making many new works of art and updating my business into the next phase of the journey.

So far, I have included new merchandise and products every con season to update what I already have. This year, I have included my very first coloring book and tshirts.

Something else you will notice is that a lot of my products that I made in the past, Pins and keychains, will now be mass produced using a Manufacturer. I am taking one step towards a bigger and better future!

Keep your eyes out for whats coming soon from PND!

-Rocky RP-

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