Let me update you on my videos. I am working hard to bring you new content via my Youtube page along side my art.

I over did it with my arm (thank you animal crossing on the Nintendo switch for this)

So I am taking a break from my art but I did finish Deera which came out great.

In the mean time, you will be seeing a lot more videos coming your way on my Youtube Page.

Not just The Artist Show but review videos, reading with Rocky and many other videos.

Speaking of The Artist Show, It will be getting a show change.

When I started the show, I wanted it to be based on a tonight show platform with live guests sitting in with me as I interviewed them.

in Season 2, I switched over and didn't have many guests and concentrated on content. Come season 3... well I just started season 3 and continued with a new set and no Guests..

now deep into season 3 and Covid 19, I plan to switch it up yet again. I will be doing guest interviews from now on via Skype and Zoom.

you will get the same content but now via online video calls which will allow me to get more guests for my show :)

the show time will also be cut down and there won't be as much filler BUT you will still get the same experience as with previous artist shows.

Gonna be a great 2020 for PND Studios

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